Shipping & Returns



You pay for shipping. We're just not big enough to absorb shipping costs like the big boys. We send most things to you by US Postal Service. Actually, we get a bit of a discount, so you pay less than what you see if you price it using the USPS calculator. We don't charge shipping and handling fees simply because we wouldn't want to pay them.

Some items require special shipping. These tend to be the big or delicate items. We indicate if something requires special shipping in the item description or we'll contact you if special arrangements need to be made.

We occasionally get requests to ship internationally. In our experience, international shipping usually costs more than the price of the item. If you're outside the US and you want us to ship something to you, ask yourself if you are willing to pay as much for shipping as the items cost. If you still want it, or on the fence, or you're feeling lucky, contact us and we'll get a quote for you.

We reuse as much as we can. This means you will receive your items in boxes that do not have our name on them. You will see our name on the shipping label. Those custom special printed boxes cost a lot of money, and that money would just go to the recycling yard in the form of single-use cardboard, and that's just not our style. Reduce, then Reuse, then Recycle, in that order.



We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. But, we know stuff happens so we want you to be satisfied with your return, too. Returns are considered on a case by case basis, and while we don’t go by any hard and fast rules, there are some general guidelines that will help make each return fast, easy and painless.

  • Receipts. They’re great. If you keep the receipts, then you can prove when you purchased the item and how much you paid for it. (Helpful hint: provide your contact info at the time of the sale and we’ll keep this info for you.)
  • Condition. Keep the item in like new condition, and we’re more likely to accept it.
  • Broken. If something broke, let us know. If we find the fault is our’s or the break occurred during shipping, then we’re more likely to cover the repair or replace the item. Otherwise, we can work with a repair shop on your behalf to get the item repaired.
  • Time. Contact us as soon as you know you want to return something. If you bought it online, then simply follow the packaging instructions included with the item, stick the preprinted return label on top of the shipping label on the box, and hand it to the staff at your local UPS Store.

You’ll see we are fair and respectful, and that our return policy is a good deal for you and us.

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