Psychopyge elegans Trilobite with Epifauna 235x150x73mm 2kg Devonian Morocco

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Trilobite means “three lobed rock”, and refers to the left, center and right portions of this creature’s thorax (body). Trilobites are one of the earliest known arthropods, and lived in marine environments. Trilobites first appear in the fossil record in the Early Cambrian, about 521 millions years ago. Their last appearance is 252 million years ago, at the end of the Permian.

This Psychopyge elegans lived during the Devonian (419-359 million years ago), at a time when this and most trilobites were becoming extinct due to several extinction events. It was found near Laachana, Morocco. Psychopyge trilobites have sword-like rostroms extending from their cephalons (head). If that wasn't enough, an unknown epifauna was also uncovered with this creature.

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