Louis Habeck and Jennifer Eli French Diabloceratops 335x240x210mm 784g

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Diabloceratops is one of the earlier ceratopsian dinosaurs, which includes the famous Triceratops. They had one or two horns on the nose, a horn above each eye, and a pair of long spikes on their frill, reminiscent of El Diablo, hence the name. They lived about 79.9 million years ago, in what is now Utah. Despite those diabolic frill spikes, diabloceratops was a medium sized (5.5m long is still plenty big) plant eater.

This non-life-size head mounts easily on a wall. It measures 335x240x210mm. In fact, we have the 784g art piece hanging from a removable adhesive hook. It's light because Louis Habeck sculpted the head using foam and then sealed it with resin. The detail around the eyes is spectacular. Jennifer Eli French then hand painted the intricate botanical design on Señor Diablo in acrylic. Jennifer and Louis are in Billings, Montana.

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