Cupulocrinus humilis Crinoid 23x15x5cm 3kg Ordovician Canada

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About 465 million years ago, Ontario, Canada was a sea floor, and home to one of the odd balls in the animal kingdom: crinoids.

Crinoids are echinoderms, and are related to starfish, sea urchins and sand dollars. Many crinoid species are living today (i.e., sea lilies and feather stars). These Cupulocrinus humilis crinoids lived about on that Ontario sea floor during the middle Ordovician. They were sea lilies, and they anchored their stalks or stems to the sea floor and plucked food from the water with their brachial, which look like fern fronds.

This plate includes at least four individuals, weighs 3kg, and measures 23x15x5cm.

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