Geologize Talks, October 11th: "Climate Change and the Geologic Record"

Geologize Talks, October 11th: "Climate Change and the Geologic Record"

Dr. Haydon Mort joins us from England for a virtual talk about what the geologic record can teach us about climate change.

The scene is 10 million years after the great cataclysms that made up to 75% of life extinct including the dinosaurs. Life is recovering very well. Mammals are diversifying and filling in niches previously filled by the dinosaurs and other extinct species. It's 56 million years ago, and our world looked much like it does today. However, another catastrophic event occurred that shifted the planet's climates for hundreds of thousands of years. What happened then? How did it affect life on Earth? Does it tell us what's in store for us?


Enter Dr. Haydon Mort.


Join us Friday, October 11th, from 7-9pm, for this unique opportunity to talk with the man behind the Geologize Instagram channel. The evening's topic is "Climate Change and the Geologic Record".


We're excited to host Dr. Haydon Mort and Geologize in our shop for this virtual talk. 100% of each ticket sold supports Geologize's efforts to communicate the geosciences to all students of the Earth.




He is the creator and presenter of the Instagram and YouTube channel, Geologize, which seeks to popularize the geosciences by helping people understand how they are connected to our planet. He calls this process ‘to Geologize’. Taking items and concepts that are common in our everyday lives, and showing how they are connected to the history of Earth.

He has ‘geologized’ things you wouldn’t imagine would be possible. Cakes, respiratory problems, car parks, forest walks, pink salt, water, a shopping mall, The English Language, plants, the human body, cell phones, human evolution, human history, Tic-Tacs, love, wine and even… Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Donald J. Trump!

Visit his Instagram account @geologizeofficial to get a better idea of what Geologize is about.


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